Top tips for keeping your windows child-safe

We’ve all heard the tragic stories about young children who have lost their lives to strangulation as a result of unsafe blinds chains and cords. On average, each year in Australia we lose one to two young lives to strangulation accidents caused by unsecured cords. Sadly these deaths may have been preventable had the correct installation and safety measures been taken.

We all have a responsibility to ensure child safety in our homes, even if you don’t have your own children most people will have friends or relatives with children that may come over to visit. Just imagine how terrible you would feel should something happen to them.

Whether you’re a parent with a newborn, a grandma caring for toddlers, the local babysitter or a friend throwing a get-together, everyone needs to do their due diligence when it comes to window fittings.

Although they may look harmless, the small parts and cords attached to many common household blinds can easily be lethal to children and present a significant strangulation hazard. The potential for harm had led to the introduction of a number of child safety recommendations and requirements in Australia.

At ME Blinds we take safety seriously, this is why we offer a number of safety solutions and child-friendly features customised to suit your home.

To do your part in preventing any harm to children read our important safety tips and considerations below.

Our top tips:

  • Check the blinds and window fittings in every room of your home for any loose or looped cords. Even shorter cords that are out of easy reach of children can be a problem if children are able to climb on nearby furniture. Make a note of all the cords and potential strangulation hazards in your home. Any loose cords should be secured with cleats, cord guides or should be cut and secured with safety tassels.
  • Children’s cots, beds, highchairs or playpens should not be placed near a window where it is possible for the child to reach a cord. The child could strangle themselves whilst playing or sleeping.
  • Do not place furniture such as sofas, arm chairs, tables, shelves or bookcases near windows with window coverings. Small children love to climb and explore their spaces and scale the furniture to look out the window. If they can climb to reach cords or ties then they might stumble, lose their footing and accidentally hang themselves causing strangulation or serious injuries.
  • You should always supervise children in any rooms where blinds are in reach or have any looped cords. Strangulation can be fast, so it is never okay to leave a child alone in a room with potential danger, even for a short time.

Here at ME Blinds we recommend inherently child-safe products such as motorised rollers, wand controlled vertical blinds and secured cord blinds to protect the little ones in your home.

Motorised and wand controlled blinds remove much of the risk of strangulation, with no looped or low hanging cords for your child to get caught in, whilst properly secured cords help to prevent children from getting tangled in loose or messy cords. Homeowners should always exercise caution however when children are around any window covering.

Our kids blind options can be customised with these child-friendly operation features. Additionally, if you’re selecting blinds for children’s bedrooms you may want to consider selecting durable fabrics that can withstand little hands and grubby marks or block-out fabrics to keep the nursery dark and help your baby sleep. Block-out fabrics are a great insulator that will keep your home a comfortable temperature for baby.

Shop our range of child safe blinds and shade, or learn more about child safety from helpful videos, product content, and more.

We are always innovating and creating new products, so keep your eye on our website for the latest in kid’s blinds and safety features.


If you have pre-existing blinds installed inside your home and you’re concerned that they do not meet the child safety standards in Australia then visit the website: to find out more information.