Now you can control up to 16 blinds either individually or all at once, with our easy-to-use, programmable motorised blinds system.

Fast and easy to install, the entire system is battery operated and doesn’t require mains connection, so there’s no need to have an electrician involved.

Your Me Blinds Remote Control

The heart of the system is the multi-channel remote control, which comes pre-programmed if ordered at the same time as the blinds, or is simple to program if you’re installing motorisation separately.

Use the remote control, which comes with a convenient wall-mounting bracket, to:

  • Raise and lower up to 16 blinds together or separately
  • If there are spare unused channels on your remote, create and control zones within the home to group-operate blinds in each zone (you can still operate blinds in any zone independently)
  • Add new remotes and reprogram existing remotes at any time

Reliable, long lasting and simple to program and use, the system will make controlling all the window coverings in your home a pleasure.

Your Me Blinds Electric Motor

Although light and compact, the Me Blinds electric motor fitted to each blind you need to motorise has plenty of power – its lift/draw maximum of 5.78 square metres will suit almost any window.

The advantages of the Me Blind electric motor include:

  • Up to 6 months battery life before recharging if used 4 times per day (depending on the weight of the blind)
  • Easy charging by external charger
  • No mains connection makes installation easy (no electrician needed)

At Me Blinds, we love making your life easier and more comfortable. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or problems with your Me Blinds motorised blind motor and remote controller.

Battery Motor Parameters