Get a window ‘Glow up’ with roller blinds

In millennial speak ‘Glow up’ is an incredible transformation – it’s mostly been used to describe the physical transformation from our awkward years to adulthood but here at ME Blinds we think it can apply to home interiors too!

If you’ve got Nana’s curtains from the 70’s up in your kitchen or the ugly vertical blinds from the 90’s are still hanging in front of your glass doors then a transformation is probably long overdue. It’s time to throw out the ugly, out-dated blinds and ‘glow up’ with some brand new roller blinds.

Roller blinds are the darlings of the interior design world, and for a good reason! Interior designers favour them because of their versatility and streamlined look. They’re an absolute steal when compared to custom drapes or even slatted blinds and there are so many options for mixing and matching them with the décor of the room.

There are some amazing tricks of the trade out there for getting the best out of your roller blinds and revamping a room.

Pick the right colour or pattern

The colour and fabric of your blinds can impact the way light filters through your room. Beyond simply matching colours with your décor make sure you think about the type of light your room gets. Is it bright, direct sunlight? Do you get a lot of golden afternoon sun? Think about the light control needs of your space. If you want your room to be a soothing space, then seek out sheer fabrics that will softly diffuse the light. Glowy, light-filled rooms will always be on trend.

You can have the best of both worlds with double rollers which have a dual bracket system that allows for two fabric options to be operated independently. This allows homeowners to change up the level of light control or privacy in a room.

Patterns can provide visual interest to an otherwise dull window. You can play with natural light by choosing a soft pattern that might create variation in the way the light hits your furniture at different times of the day.

If your room is getting too much light then look into block-out fabrics. They don’t need to look boring or cheap. Textured block-out shades are an easy way to create dimension in a room and update your look. If bold and confident is more your style, the loud patterns and colours on your windows can be an affordable and fast way to transform the look of a room.

Mount your roller blinds inside the jamb

For a more professional finish, mount your blinds inside the window jamb. Mounting on the walls or above the window can look messy. Installing in the jamb gives a more streamlined appearance and a better, closer fit. Mounting on your window frame will help you to get the most out of the insulation and light control capabilities of your roller blinds.

Add some luxe details

The devil is in the details, as they say! Customise with a metal chain for sleeker, more durable roller blinds. They will give your window fittings a higher quality feel over blinds cords and plastic links and have the added benefit of extra stamina against tugs and pulls. Get a free upgrade to a metal chain with us on your roller blinds purchase!

An often forgotten detail when purchasing blinds is sound absorption. Make your roller blinds into smooth operators and add some silent bottom bars to reduce noise. Noisy blinds that bang against your windows, walls or each other are unpleasant in daily life and they can scratch or damage your frames or other window fixtures. Premium is the standard at ME Blinds – that’s why we offer a free upgrade to silent bottom bars with these contemporary styles, available in a range of colours.

Find a front roll

‘Front roll’ blinds are designed to have the fabric hang over the top of the rolling mechanism, effectively obscuring it from view. Back roll blinds will typically have the fabric come from underneath the mechanism, this can make it more prominent as it sticks out but it does allow for a tighter fit to the window.

If you’re going to go will a front roll, try and select one with a slimline mechanism, this will allow for smoother rolling and a designer look.

Roller blinds are one of the most affordable, versatile window treatments on the market. Transform your space with our latest in plain or patterned roller blinds, or for extra adaptability check out our double roller options.