Your child safety is important to Me.

When you’re looking at new blinds for your home, of course you’ll be thinking about styles, colours, privacy, comfort and price. But at Me Blinds, we want you to add one more item to your checklist: child safety.

Because unrestrained cords and loop chains for pull blinds can sometimes create hazards for toddlers and young children, and that’s something we want to avoid.

We take child safety very seriously, and we want to be sure that you understand the precautions we take to supply you with the safest possible products, and that you make use of our safety features at all times.

We’re proud that Me Blinds meet the Australian Corded Internal Window Coverings Standard, and we’re always working on ways to make our products safer and more convenient, while meeting the minimum safety requirements.


Child safety devices and instructions

All of our products are supplied with child safety devices and child safety instructions, which are available on our website and are also emailed so you can archive and easily access them at any time. In the event that you lose or forget to install the supplied child safety devices, or you need them replaced for any reason, we will send you new replacements free of charge at any time.

Please take care to observe the child safety instructions and note the Safety Warning labels attached to all blinds with cords or chains. These labels should be left in place after installation.

For further information on the safe use of blinds and curtain cords, please read the Safety Alerts on Blinds and Curtain Cords, which is regularly updated by the ACCC.

Top Tips for keeping your windows child safe

Blinds with pull cords or chains are among our most popular window coverings, but please be aware that dangling cords and chains are a potential hazard to children and infants, who may become entangled in them. Here’s how you can ensure child safety at all times:

  • Read the installation instructions provided to ensure safe blind installation and usage, and always use the included child safety devices.
  • When planning your room, if possible keep cots, beds, chairs, tables and other furniture away from windows so that any cords or chains are out of reach of kids climbing or exploring.
  • Ensure that cords do not form a loop, are not tied together, or left dangling within reach of little arms.
  • Install the supplied safety devices. These devices keep cords restrained and reduce the threat that loose cords pose to children and pets. They’re easy to install and are included with your purchase.
  • It’s best if you can anchor the child safety devices securely to the floor or wall, to stop children from playing with cords and possibly putting them around their necks.

Child-safe product choices

Depending on your choice of window coverings, there are two options that avoid the need for cords or chains to operate your blinds.

Wand control

At Me Blinds, our vertical blinds can be fitted with a wand control. This easy-to-use option is a cost-effective way to do away with cords and still give you the functionality you love about vertical blinds.

Motorised rollers

Motorised roller blinds are the modern, child-safe choice. With no attachments to attract the attention of children or pets, you not only enjoy the safety benefits of a remote-control window covering, but also the convenience and style that comes with motorised roller blinds.

Double Roller Blinds

Double roller blinds are becoming more popular because in addition to the safety of motorised control, having both a block out blind and a translucent blind allows you to finely control the light. At nap time you can make the room dark enough to create a sleep sanctuary for your little one, and when they’re awake you can keep the room lively by letting the natural light in.

Need Me to help?

For all Me Blind purchases, we recommend following the installation and safety instructions included in your delivery. If you have any questions about what’s best for your home – or how you can create a child and pet safe environment – please contact our team at Me Blinds.