All the Mod Cons: Modern Window Coverings

Modern interiors are all about simple, sleek design, clean, crisp lines and showcasing modern materials like metal, glass, concrete and steel.

Modern style interiors and furnishings are a celebration of unadorned, simplistic furnishings and décor and perfect for those who prefer their spaces to be unfussy and without clutter.

Often undervalued when it comes to your homes aesthetics, your choice of window coverings can entirely change the feel of a room. When it comes to achieving a modern style in your home, your choice of window fashion can make or break the look.

If you’re all about timeless, restrained elegance then these window coverings will stand the test of time!

Roller Blinds

Nothing answers the key tenets of modernism quite as well as roller blinds.

  1. Thou shalt have clean lines. Check!
  2. Thou shalt have a neutral colour palette. Check!
  3. Thou shalt not have unnecessary embellishment. Check!

Roller blinds are the obvious answer when it comes to keeping things current. This unobtrusive, highly versatile option can be designed to perfectly compliment the room they belong to. Roller blinds come in a huge range of colour options and opacities. Consider a neutral shade selection that fits your décor to keep things looking modern.

Although contemporary and modern design is often talked about interchangeably, there is actually a difference. Contemporary design tends to be more ‘of the moment’ and marries well to starker contrasts, like brilliant whites and true blacks, whereas modern design tends to be more about warmer, more natural tones – so look for off-whites, creams, beiges, light browns or grey.

Light transmission can heavily influence how a room is perceived; roller blinds come in everything from block-out to almost entirely translucent fabric. Airy spaces feature heavily when it comes to the modern and contemporary design aesthetic so keep things light and allow plenty of sunshine to flow through your living spaces.

If you really want to get the James Bond vibe than opt for motorised roller blinds, nothing is more contemporary then automation of the home.

Roller blinds are a streamlined, practical window treatment that meet the modernist design brief perfectly.

Cellular Blinds

Our modern understanding of insulation led to the development of cellular blinds. This kind of intelligent design is the embodiment of the innovative, revolutionary style that epitomises Modernist décor.

The clever hollow cell design of these blinds look like honeycomb and trap air, helping to maintain a constant temperature in your home. When raising the blinds, the cells will stack snugly together at the top of your window, ensuring you have complete enjoyment of the view when you want it!

Cellular blinds fit perfectly within a modern or contemporary home, because whilst the technology gives them a sci-fi vibe, they are exceptionally stylish and practical. Just like roller blinds, they come in a range of fabrics, colours and textures, including block-out. The hollow cell design means that they are lightweight and suitable for large windows. An excellent addition to any modern home!

Aluminium Venetians

Affordable, practical and uncomplicated, aluminium blinds are uncompromisingly modern. These slimline window coverings are inherently contemporary – you can’t go wrong with modern materials!

Venetian blinds offer great light control, insulation and durability in wet and humid spaces making them perfect for bathroom or kitchen spaces.

If you want to get the modernist look in your home then consider white or silver colour options, although they also come in charcoal’s and matte black. They’re easy to operate with a wand system that’s completely safe for any children in your home. You can read more about child safety here.

It’s possible to purchase aluminium venetian blinds in standard window sizes to suit most homes, or fully customised to suit the size and shape of your window frames – an excellent, seamless solution for those who prefer the look of metal to fabrics!

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